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Living Down South Realty was created out of the desire to introduce the elements of lifestyle criteria and branding to the traditional approach of buying and selling real estate.   By aligning lifestyle preferences with home features, price, location, and community offering, we will elevate the quality of real estate options being presented to our clients and customers.


Living Down South Realty embraces personal development, thrives on collaboration, and executes best practices.  Our agents, as real estate lifestyle consultants, believe a home should complement your lifestyle rather than adapting a lifestyle to fit the home.  By delivering service excellence and transcending lifestyle marketing strategies, Living Down South pledges first best impressions.

Whether it’s a residential or mountain lifestyleLiving Down South is your trusted destination for exploring real estate in the great states of Georgia and South Carolina.

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Area Director, REALTOR®
Associate Broker, REALTOR®
In-House Counsel, Associate Broker
Operating Partner, REALTOR®
Founder & Partner, Broker in Charge (SC)
Associate Broker, REALTOR®
Licensed Agent
Associate Broker, REALTOR®
Operating Partner, Qualifying Broker (GA)
Finance Director
Associate Broker, REALTOR®
Associate Broker, REALTOR®
Associate Broker, REALTOR®
Founder & Partner, REALTOR®

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