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North Georgia Mountain Region

Mountain Life Beckons

Thinking of mountain life?  Looking for incredible views that go on for miles? Avid hiker, kayaker, camper, trophy trout fishing? For a lifestyle unlike any other, mountain life is at one with nature. Privacy? We’ve got it. Cooler weather? We’ve got it. Beautiful change of seasons? Yep – we’ve got it. Sunrise or sunset view? You pick.

Buying Mountain Property

Styles of Mountain Homes vary greatly, from fishing cabins to luxury estates.  The lifestyle you seek through your home, your purchase budget, and what features are really important to you will all contribute to your purchase decision.  Other considerations include:

  • proximity to main highways, shopping, restaurants, medical care
  • Paved or gravel road access
  • Inclement weather disruptions
  • Internet & cell coverage
  • type of neighborhood (restricted, non-restricted)
  • specific home features

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