Partners in Change Management


  • Competent & complete BMA
  • Elevated & action driven marketing copy
  • Professional & √ Verified social media
  • Enhanced quality & dimension of information for today’s buyer
  • Cultivated lifestyle offerings to stimulate buyer emotion
  • Professional photos
  • Guided strategies for decluttering, functional obsolescence, overcoming objections


  • Area exploration
  • Price & COL comparison (exiting area to incoming area)
  • Understanding and accommodating for work-life and lifestyle requirements.
  • Spousal needs (if applicable)
  • Expedited relocation & welcome package upon order.
  • Proficient discovery and education on restrictions, permits, defects, and process.
  • Managed approach to contract performance & deadlines.

Our Commitment to Relocation Managers

  • Align with relocation management culture and deliver superb level of ethical professionalism.
  • Often and effective communication
  • Honor the relocation agreement & working closely with the relocation coordinator.
  • Living Down South Agents must complete in-house relocation training & certification to participate in program.

Company Services Offered

  • Area overview to interviewees
  • Bus, van tours for mass corporate relocation
  • Bi-lingual agents (Spanish)
  • Licensing in both Georgia & South Carolina
  • Change Management

For more information about Living Down South Relocation Services or to schedule a discovery call, please do not hesitate to call us at 706-806-8808 or email Guy Victor, our Founding Partner & Relocation Coordinator looks forward to hearing from you.


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