Clemson, SC

You don’t need to see a “Welcome to Clemson” sign to know you’re in the city that serves as home to college football powerhouse Clemson University and its famed Fighting Tigers. In this picturesque town, pride runs deep for the three-time national college football champions. Everywhere you look, there are tiger paws—on the sides of buildings, in storefront windows and on the street.

The city provides additional opportunities to get outdoors. Its recreational facilities include parks, passive green spaces and a recreation center with an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts and workout room.  Arts offerings are just as diverse in this small college town. Be sure to check out the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, the galleries run by the Center for Visual Arts, Clemson Little Theater and Clemson Area African American Museum.  And when it comes to dining, you won’t have any trouble finding lots of fantastic options, from a Southern barbecue joint to a retro drive-in. There are also plenty of cool boutiques and stores along College Avenue and in the new Patrick Square Town Center to satisfy your shopping needs.

Description Credit: SC Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism,


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