Today they ask why you did it.

Tomorrow they ask how you did it.

Living Down South Careers

A Real Estate Firm Designed for producers, by producers, to reward producers.


Becoming a real estate professional is more than taking a class and passing a test.  It’s a commitment to becoming a business owner and executing a strategic plan. Living Down South Realty was founded on the simple principals of delivering personalized learning pathways to achieve professional growth and rewarding producers.

We started Living Down South Realty to:

  • Collaborate with like-minded agents under one unified, client centered lifestyle BRAND.
  • Develop and maintain ‘best practices’ to ensure we always EXCEED the expectations of our clients.
  • To be pioneers and DISRUPT every aspect of the traditional real estate sales & marketing model.
  • Build individual business and ACHIEVE personal and financial goals.
  • Deliver a high-performance sales environment while supporting individual WORK-LIFE balance goals.

Career Essentials

Living Down South Realty is not a firm with an open door to hang a license. We look for agents who constantly strive to achieve higher individual goals, recognize the power of working collaboratively, who will embrace our enriched educational culture, commit to the very highest standards of business acumen & competency, and who will leave all attitude at the back door. If you are good at what you do, we pledge to make you better.

We look for agents with the following experience, skills, and education.

  • 2+ years as a Licensed Agent working real estate as a full-time job.
  • Minimum 10 transactions in the past 18 months.
  • Proficiency with office automation tools such as Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office, and MLS applications.
  • Excellent presentation and writing skills.
  • Thorough understanding of vital Social Media tools.
  • Self-motivated and willing to be challenged with thought provoking concepts and strategies.

In return, Living Down South Realty will provide:

  • Competitive Comp Plan which rewards producers.
  • Unparalleled Marketing, Sales, and Tactical Support.
  • Continuing Education utilizing concepts from industry leading sales programs.
  • A scalable Brand which every Agent can embrace, have fun with, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

For more information about Living Down South Realty careers or to schedule a confidential phone conversation or face to face meeting, please call Laury Gardner at 770-861-4991 or click on the CONTACT Tab on the left side of this page.


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