Passion is the difference between being an employee or being an entrepreneur that’s not limited by the limited imagination of others.

The Brand

Creating the Living Down South™ LIFESTYLE BRAND is a journey-related story that started by understanding what Down South experiences consumers yearn as well as the people, history, activities, and places Down South that inspire them. The founders of Living Down South™ knew real estate was traditionally bought and sold as a product. They also knew in order to succeed, they needed to elevate a brand above the pride of traditional real estate branding, introduce concepts that expand on the consumers way of life, and align that lifestyle to where they would want to live, work and play.

The founders also appreciate and understand that every agent works incredibly hard to create a personal brand and they needed a solution to prevent the two brands from repelling each other like oil and water. As a lifestyle brand, Living Down South™ offers our agents the opportunity to grow a personal brand while embracing, aligning, or just having fun courting the brands in their personal marketing initiatives.

Living Down South™ is all about our clients and our agents. Without them, there is no single product to sell because the lifestyles of our buyers, sellers, and agent partners are the product and they also represent the brand.

Why Consider Making a Brokerage Move

  • To collaborate with like-minded agents under one unified, client centered lifestyle brand.
  • Broker and Leadership Team who knows who you are, are genuinely interested in your development and success, and pick up the phone after business hours.
  • Coaching and personalized learning pathways that focus on your strengths and shore up skills where needed
  • To feel part of a professional family that doesn’t compare you to or focus on top producers because every agent’s goals are different
  • To be a pioneer and never become complacent with traditional real estate sales & marketing models
  • Build individual businesses and achieve personal and financial goals.
  • To achieve individual sales targets while supporting individual work-life balance goals
  • You are looking for a regional or multi-state brokerage which allows you to expand your business outside of a single town or zip code

Career Essentials

Living Down South Realty™ is a firm that educates and develops successful agents. We look for agents who need a boost, strive to achieve higher individual goals, recognize the power of working collaboratively, who will embrace our enriched educational culture, and who commit to the very highest standards of business acumen & competency. If you are good at what you do, we pledge to make you better.

We also look for agents with the following experience, skills, and education:

  • Candidates who embrace an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Familiarity with office automation tools such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and MLS applications
  • Strong presentation and writing skills
  • Working knowledge Social Media tools
  • Self-motivated and willing to be introduced to thought provoking marketing concepts and strategies

In return, Living Down South Realty™ commits to you:

  • Opportunity to earn 100% commission with additional opportunities to be enriched with sponsorship performance income
  • Unmatched Broker and Leadership support
  • Extensive self-service video training library and live weekly training sessions utilizing concepts from leading sales and marketing programs inside AND outside the real estate industry
  • A lifestyle brand that differentiates you from the competition.
  • Personalized learning pathways and initiatives that guarantee success
  • Membership into 8 MLS’s, 8 Local Boards and 2 State Boards

New to real estate? Living Down South™ would love to talk to you.  We have developed an accelerated proficiency model driven by a dedicated mentor that will have you better equipped to be selling faster than any other agent who has been recently licensed.

For more information about Living Down South Realty™ careers or to schedule a confidential phone conversation or face to face meeting, please call Laury Gardner at 770-861-4991 or click on the CONTACT Tab on the left side of this page.


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